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Charlies' Smoked Trout 500g (Frozen)


Charlie's Story



Driven by a desire to produce the very finest smoked trout, 
Charlie’s Trout was created.


At Charlie’s Trout our aim is simple -

We produce the most fabulous smoked trout we can. Not the usual tasteless mass produced offerings but a truly sensational side of smoked trout where fresh means fresh, and delicious means delicious. We only work with the very best farmers who share our principals of non commodity farming. We are delighted to have added Kames Fishery, to our short list of suppliers, Kames are a family owned and run farm where the team have pioneered growing the mighty steelhead trout since 1972. Their goal is to produce the best quality fish using sustainable farming practices, whilst ensuring they protect both the environment & the community – farming for the future.

Our Steelhead trout are raised in the remote sea lochs of the Inner Hebrides. It’s an area renowned for its Atlantic flow and mineral-rich currents; an outstanding oceanic habitat for producing exceptional fish. The integrated hatchery, fed by a natural spring, ensures they can fully control the welfare of the fish from egg to harvest & all RSPCA Assured.
The fish then safely make their way to Charlie’s Smokehouse where they are filleted and salted before being smoked over a mix of oak and beech wood chips in our traditional kilns. The smoked fillets are then trimmed, hand sliced and packed, ready to be delivered straight to your door.

Charlies' Smoked Trout 500g (Frozen)

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