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Thursday 26th September 24

2pm-5 ish

Wellness Workshop Series No: 1 – Healthy Eating on the Go


Do you find it hard to balance your work life with a healthy diet? Do you find you live on ultra-processed foods because you’re short of time, healthy alternatives are scarce where you work, and it’s only a minute’s walk to the croissant shop?


Do you suffer from the cravings that these foods create, making you reach for the biscuit tin mid-morning and then again in the afternoon? Do you suffer from food guilt and a feel a bit rundown at the end of the day?


Are you bombarded with information on how damaging this ultra-processed diet is for your body, but find it hard to make changes because no-one actually shows you how to do it hands-on?


If so, this workshop is for you!


We are going to make proactively healthy snacks, take-to-work dishes you can make in batches and freeze, treats that are not going to spike your blood sugar levels, and we are going to talk about what these dishes contain and why the ingredients are good for you!


It’s called cooking with love! ❤️😀


Please note tickets are non-refundable. If you are no longer able to attend a course, please let us know as soon as possible and we will endeavour to resell the ticket on your behalf.


Wellness Workshop Series No:1 -Healthy Eating On The Go- Thursday 23rd May 24

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